Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of positive mindset to change our
habits and transform our impact on self and others. 

From I to WE.

These powerful PQ+ programs are a combination of our expertise, experiences and vision, and merging the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, positive and cognitive psychology as well as performance science.  

Fun. Simple. Effective.

"The world needs leaders who are resilient, optimistic, authentic, resourceful, and committed. As leaders and coaches, it is our 
to understand what it takes to develop these capacities, first in ourselves and then in others whom we propose to develop through our coaching." 
Doug Silsbee


Long-term MNC experience

Worked and managed across cultures


  • Positive Intelligence Coach

  • Executive Coach

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • GlobalDisc Practitioner

  • Hogan Practitioner

Driven by Positive Change

Associates across
Sub-Saharan Africa 

Our Africa - Europe Connection

"Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
(George Bernhard Shaw) 

Coaching is a powerful catalyst for change.

PQAfrica is firmly anchored in both continents, through our global experiences and local expertise. Africa is the continent of growth and will be home to 20% of the world's population by 2050. This will bring rising business opportunities as well as challenges. 

Change starts from within. 


We are contributing towards a sustainable, collaborative and inclusive change process by supporting the personal and leadership development of corporations doing business across the continent. Corporations that are key in realising Africa's potential and shaping the future of this beautiful continent.
African solutions for African challenges.


Think global. Develop local.


"Mwikala patalala, mwine apatalakila"
(Bemba proverb)  The person who wants peace must live it first!


Top 3 Strengths 



Love of Learning 


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Susanne Kruger

Susanne is an Intercultural Trainer and Coach with over 20 years experience in international business and 11 years in training and development. Originally from Berlin, Germany, she spent most of her life working and studying across the globe (London, Melbourne, Cape Town) bringing a unique combination of professional and personal insights to her work.

She combines foundational cross-cultural knowledge with science based frameworks and tools drawing from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavioral Science. Prior to establishing her own business, Susanne worked for several MNCs across industries, successfully managing cross-cultural projects and teams. She received a certification in Executive Coaching, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence, is a GlobalDISC practitioner and certified Positive Intelligence -Mental Fitness Coach.

Susanne is recognised for her solution oriented and holistic approach, focusing on self-awareness as foundation for personal and leadership development "Know yourself. Know your impact." She thrives to assist others to be effective in unfamiliar environments, reconcile opposite values and beliefs and so flourish during times of change and transition. Her motto is "challenge the status quo and see more opportunities".


Her passion for traveling, photography and a sense for adventure led her to explore 50+ countries.


Top 3 Strengths 

Appreciation of
Excellence & Beauty




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Barbara Poulain

Barbara is a certified Executive Coach with extensive experience in Leadership, organisational Transformation and Change Management. Originally from Baden-Baden, Germany, she moved to Paris, France in 1980. While occupying several executive positions she managed cross-functional / cross-cultural teams across industries and banking sectors. She has in-depth knowledge of Human Capital and Management across more than 20 countries; e.g. India, Brazil, Japan, Russia and EMEA region. This enables her to quickly identify challenges clients are facing.

Her focus is Strategic Thinking as a powerful driver to realise client’s vision, while building on their natural strengths and so managing challenges. Her core belief is the Power of Positivity as the foundation for creating and living a satisfying life with courage and joy. Barbara is certified Appreciative Inquiry and Hogan practitioner as well as a trained Positive Intelligence - Mental Fitness Coach.

Barbara’s passion is to support leaders and their teams to grow and leverage differences. In her practice she uses a cheerful and holistic approach, combining strategic thinking and coaching supported by Positive Psychology. Thus clients create and walk their own path towards wellbeing and sustainable success.

Outside the office Barbara loves the sea, sailing, Italian food and spending time with her family.

Accreditation & Membership Institutions  

Stormy Beach

“The only real voyage of discovery . . .
consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


Marcel Proust